The Dirty Side of Glamour

Titre : The Dirty Side of Glamour
Auteur : Tyler Shields
Éditeur : Harper Collins
ISBN-13 : 9780062238771
Libération : 2013-11-12

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With more than 130 raw and revolutionary photographs, The Dirty Side of Glamour showcases Tyler Shields’s unrestrained creative spirit and offers a visual commentary on fame, excess, youth, the trappings of celebrity, and the power of letting go.

Provocative Shots

Titre : Provocative Shots
Auteur : Alex Larg
Éditeur : Rotovision
ISBN-13 : 2880464676
Libération : 1999

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'Provocative Shots' explores the variety of approaches that are possible in this perennially fascinating genre. A wide variety of featured shots demonstrates the power of props, clothing, setting and posing, along with appropriate lighting techniques for creating exactly the right mood for the image, whether seductive and subtle, or blatant and raunchy. Experimental personal work, commercial and advertising shots and fine art and editorial images are all represented. The key element, as always, is the lighting. For every featured photograph, the lighting set-up is illustrated by helpful diagrams, along with expert explanations and advice on potential problems that might arise, with suggested solutions. With over 55 superb photographs and a directory of more than 20 world-class photographers, 'Provocative Shots' is an invaluable resource for practising photographers and art directors alike.

T shirt Makeovers

Titre : T shirt Makeovers
Auteur : Sistahs of Harlem
Éditeur : Glitterati Incorporated
ISBN-13 : 9780977753178
Libération : 2006

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Carmen Webber, you'll rarely meet anyone as eclectic as Carmen. Her in-depth passion for fashion, fine arts, performing arts, current affairs and education is completely unshakable. She is the co-author of T-Shirt Makeovers, Denim Mania and Chic Sweats

See the World Beautiful

Titre : See the World Beautiful
Auteur : Anne Menke
Éditeur : Glitterati
ISBN-13 : 098917042X
Libération : 2015-09-11

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Anne Menke has traveled the world on assignment for the likes of Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire, and Conde Nast Traveler, usually in search of the perfect environment to shoot a fashion spread. During her extensive travels, she quickly discovered that these environments themselves are the origins of much of the fashion we see on the runways today. In See the World Beautiful, Menke turns her camera away from professional photo shoots to the local populations, which are equally as compelling and stunning as the highly crafted shoots for major magazines, copilling an incredible record of people and places, exploring the roots and inspiration of today's fashion and style while simultaneously documenting the rich culture of the locations she visits. Texts by colleague luminaries Tommy Hilfiger, Julia Chaplin, and Andrew Niccol, in addition to the author's own introduction, explain how fashion meets culture in ethnic populations of Latin America, Europe, Asia, and North America. This unique, sensitive, and insightful work is itself the perfect intersection of art and fashion photography and showcases a story of beauty at risk of being lost in translation. Limited to just 110 copies, this deluxe edition is boxed, and comes with a signed and numbered print."

American Dreamer

Titre : American Dreamer
Auteur : Tommy Hilfiger
Éditeur : Ballantine Books
ISBN-13 : 9781101886229
Libération : 2016-11-01

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In this tale of grit and glamour, setbacks and comebacks, business and pop culture icon Tommy Hilfiger shares his extraordinary life story for the first time. Few designers have stayed on top of changing trends the way Tommy Hilfiger has. Fewer still have left such an indelible mark on global culture. Since designing his first collection of “classics with a twist” three decades ago, Tommy Hilfiger has been synonymous with all-American style—but his destiny wasn’t always so clear. Growing up one of nine children in a working-class family in Elmira, New York, Tommy suffered from dyslexia, flunked sophomore year of high school, and found himself constantly at odds with his father. Nevertheless, this self-described dreamer had a vision and the relentless will to make it a reality. At eighteen he opened his own clothing store, parlaying his uncanny instinct for style into a budding career as a fashion designer. Through decades of triumph and turmoil, Tommy remained doggedly optimistic. To this day, his approach to commerce is rooted in his positive view of the world. American Dreamer brims with anecdotes that cover Tommy’s years as a club kid and scrappy entrepreneur in 1970s New York as well as unique insights into the exclusive A-list personalities with whom he’s collaborated and interacted, from Mick Jagger and David Bowie to Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. But this is more than just a fashion icon’s memoir—it’s a road map for building a brand, both professionally and personally. Tommy takes us behind the scenes of every decision—and every mistake—he’s ever made, offering advice on leadership, business, team-building, and creativity. This is the story of a true American original, told for the first time in his own words, with honesty, humor, and the insatiable appetite for life and style that proves that sometimes you have to dream big to make it big. Praise for American Dreamer “A unique look into the fashion world . . . an honest, straightforward, mostly entertaining autobiography of the man who created a classic yet hip line of clothing.”—Kirkus Reviews “Fashionistas and business gurus alike will glean important lessons from Hilfiger’s rags-to-riches rag-trade story.”—Booklist “Tommy burst onto the fashion scene at the height of hip-hop and was instantly taken up by rappers and rockers alike. Since then, year after year he has been ahead of the curve with his elegant and stylish looks. His creative energy has always been an inspiration to me. He’s really himself in American Dreamer.”—Mick Jagger "In American Dreamer Tommy shows how he has taken the (rock) stars and the (preppy) stripes and come up with a look—and a label—that are recognized globally as being quintessentially American, as well as a brand that constantly keeps time with pop music.”—Anna Wintour “Tommy is an inspiration to many people. American Dreamer shows how he has managed to be successful in business and done so with integrity.”—David Beckham “Tommy is one of the most genuine people I know! In American Dreamer you can feel his passion pour through everything he does: fashion, fatherhood, family, and friendship!”—Alicia Keys “Tommy Hilfiger is an American icon who was able to transcend fashion and blend it with pop culture and take it to a worldwide audience. American Dreamer documents how, unlike any other designer, Tommy was able to tap into music, its subculture, and its influence on society.”—Tommy Mottola From the Hardcover edition.

Coco Chanel

Titre : Coco Chanel
Auteur : Douglas Kirkland
Éditeur : Glitterati Incorporated
ISBN-13 : 0980155754
Libération : 2008

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Here is a distinctly unique look at the woman who transformed twentieth century fashion. No stranger to photographing some of the world's most beloved icons, including Man Ray, Marilyn Monroe, and Judy Garland, among countless others, Douglas Kirkland fi

The Golden Road

Titre : The Golden Road
Auteur : Caille Millner
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 014311297X
Libération : 2008-01-29

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A coming-of-age memoir of an African-American woman's quest for home and identity in a series of communities describes how she struggled with the promises and realities of white suburbs and college life.


Titre : Girlvert
Auteur : Oriana Small
Éditeur : Abarnaclebook
ISBN-13 : 0982505639
Libération : 2011

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An explicit look into the world of porn, from a woman who was a superstar in the industry. Small, aka Ashley Blue, weaves through the intricacies of a decade in and out of the adult film industry, love, drugs, and her own firebrand of what it means to live ecstatically.


Titre : Photography
Auteur : Tom Ang
Éditeur : DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
ISBN-13 : 1409346455
Libération : 2014

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The definitive visual history, from the dawn of photography to the digital agePhotography is a beautiful lavishly illustrated reference book tracing the history of photography from its origins in the 1800s to the global phenomenon of digital photography.Photography celebrates the most iconic photos and profiles more than 50 of the most famous photographers of the past 200 years, with special features delving into the stories of especially arresting photographs, including Pulitzer Prize-winners. Discover the history of photography from key events and technological developments such as the first black and white photography and contemporary street photography. Perfect for any budding photographer or polished professional Photography captures the development of different areas of photography including portrait photography and war photography in a beautifully lavish reference book.Photography not only showcases incredible photographs, but tells the stories of how they came into being, perfect for anyone who appreciates the beauty of photography, from professional photographers to armchair enthusiasts.


Titre : Pounce
Auteur : Seth Casteel
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9780751566307
Libération : 2016-10-20

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Photographer Seth Casteel's underwater photographs of dogs and babies have captivated an international audience. Now, Seth has found the perfect way to capture our other best friends: cats! A beautiful, funny gift book with more than 80 previously unpublished photographs, Pounce reveals adorable cats and kittens as they pounce and jump through the air, arms outstretched - all in Casteel's signature up-close, mid-action style.